The collapse of Venezuela, explained

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    minefield bitcoin lab

    Happy Kitten Prieš 2 mėnesius It's not about socialism or capitalism, nor left or right or any other dividing factors The only way to achieve freedom and equality in America and the entire world, is to see the biggest picture of all. The human race has been enslaved by "the money masters" for thousands of years. They have been manipulating and enslaving the masses since biblical times.

    От «Следопыта» информацию, значит, тот работал. Она оказалась в полной безопасности.

    Jesus flipped the tables on the money changers. Privatized international bankers and the world banks control our currencies supply and demand.

    minefield bitcoin lab

    They control the ebb and flow of our economies. They don't care btc akcijos we're capitalist or socialist.

    They don't care how we govern ourselves. They don't even care what religion we are.

    minefield bitcoin lab

    They just want to control our money. Monetary systems are just one of the many systems that are used to consolidate power and control. Macroeconomics teaches that money is created when banks make loans.

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    IRL banks fraudulently loan money that doesn't exist, "fractional reserve banking" in hopes that we will pay, "savings and loans debacles, housing bubbles" etc. We make the money. Banks commit fraud and usury. Money and monetary systems are a grand illusion, they could actually be good things if they worked in the best interests of mankind instead of being used to enslave the masses It comes down to morals and ethics, the problem is desire and greed.

    minefield bitcoin lab

    Fraud and usury. Repudiation Of Authority" Much of the bible was written by those incarcerated for following Christ. Monetary Systems are a Grand Illusion!

    • The collapse of Venezuela, explained
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    • Лишь введя специальный ключ - секретный набор знаков, действующий как ПИН-код в банкомате.
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    It's All About Power and Minefield bitcoin lab The West wasn't Discovered It was Conquered with a "Colonization Scheme!